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5 Ways Admission Tests Help You


College Admission tests, like the SAT or ACT can help you on your college journey in many ways. Here are 5 ways admission tests help you.


They Open Doors

Most four year colleges and universities require you submit admission test scores with your applications. For the admission’s committee, standardized tests are a sort of equalizing ground. They allow the comparison of students from different parts of country to be made. High Schools around the country vary in quality and teach different things. With standardized tests, you’re competing on the same test – you’re able to show what you’re really made of.


They Help Guide your School Choices

Many colleges and university publicize the average or middle 50 percentile SAT or ACT scores of their admitted students. This means, you can see how your score compares with those of the students at the colleges you’re considering. Giving you a better idea of which school you should be applying to. Keep in mind that an average is just an average. Don’t be afraid to apply to a school that has a higher or lower average score.


They Help you Qualify for Scholarships

Certain colleges and educational organizations grants scholarships based in part on standardized test scores. So there may be money or merit aid to be found after your tests.


They Help Colleges Find You

If you decide to opt in to the Student Search Service (which we recommend) you can receive free information from colleges and scholarships programs. This will help you find schools that match your profile and will ultimately help you find the right school for you.


They May Help you earn College Credit

Some colleges allow you skip intro courses or may grant you college credits if you score high enough on certain standardized tests. This could save time and money. If you’re taking any advanced placement classes make sure to research if taking a test can  yield you some credits. You’ll thank us later.


Get More Information

Each college and university is different. We recommend using the College Search to find a college’s SAT score use policy and score ranges.




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