The Best GRE Prep Apps for iOS

If you’re looking for the best GRE prep apps to help you study while on your iOS device  (iPhone, iPad, or iPod) you’ve come to the right place. We’ve taken a look at numerous GRE specific iOS apps and after trying them all, we’ve compiled a list of the best ones.

The Official GRE Guide

The Official GRE Guide Review


We’ve already stressed the importance of practicing with official GRE questions. And as in the case of the best GRE test prep books, one of the best GRE prep apps comes from the official GRE test makers – the ETS.

The Official GRE Guide app is an easy way to study for the GMAT on-the-go and is designed for both the iPhone and iPad. So whether you’re stuck somewhere or on the bus you’ll have access to work on a few questions at a time to better prepare yourself for the test.

There are plenty of questions with explanations and various quiz modes to practice with. Helpful tips and strategies are found throughout as well. The Start Pack for $4.99 includes; 25 verbal reasoning and 25 quantitative reasoning questions with rationales, 2 analytical writing tasks and in depth descriptions of the verbal reasoning and quantitative reasoning measures.

An in-app expansion pack is offered at $19.99, and features an additional 125 verbal questions and 125 quantitative reasoning questions with rationales, and 4 extra analytical writing tasks.

All things said, the in app expansion price is steeper than we’d have liked. But what you’re paying for is authentic practice questions and with that comes a reliable GRE study experience. It’s made our list for the sole reason that practice question quality is king when it comes to proper GRE prep.

Magoosh GRE Prep: Math, Verbal & Writing Videos

Magoosh GRE App iOS Review

Magoosh’s GRE Prep: Math, Verbal & Writing Videos is a fantastic resource for GRE studying on the go.  Magoosh focuses on creating great videos that help teach the GRE concepts within all three of the test’s sections.

You’ll find more than 200 video lessons, about 30 hours worth of information accessible in the app. An almost unbelievable amount. Every major concept found on the GRE is explained in detail.  We found that hearing the thought process on video makes the process easier to grasp.

Sadly, the app isn’t perfect. You won’t be able to pre download the video for off-line viewing (please implement this Magoosh!) Additionally, some of the GUI elements are dated and the video quality leaves more to be desired especially on retina displays. But all things considered, the content is fantastic and the chapter organization makes progressing easy and natural. We strongly recommend taking a look at all this app has to offer.

Vocab Genius

Vocab Genius Review

If you’re looking to improve upon your GRE vocabulary, GRE Vocab Genius is the best GRE vocab app on the market today. It’s designed by formed Princeton Review and Kaplan executives who are in collaboration with cognitive scientists from Ivy League universities. What’s that mean? Well the app and instruction methods are optimized to efficiently help you develop your vocabulary and retain it.

The app is based on a new system, that Vocab Genius calls, ‘smart flashcard’. The resulting system gives you more than 2,000 opportunities to get familiar with need to know GRE words and their roots. Using cognitive scientists, Vocab Genius was able to develop a software algorithm that’s able to go through word flashcards at a speed that’s proven to maximize student memory retention. The result? You’re able to memorize new words faster and easier than before. And more importantly, it works!

The app is well stylized, and the elegant interface continuously provides you with feedback and statistics on your growth. We really like that the app is so colorful as it makes learning vocabulary words (which is typically a mundane task) more engaging and pleasant.

The take home message; this is the best GRE vocabulary app we’ve seen so far and it’s highly recommended for anyone looking to boost vocabulary.

GRE+ by Arcadia Prep

arcadia prep gre

Arcadia Prep’s GRE+ app is developed around the GRE study material by Nova Press. It’s what makes this app one of the most comprehensive self instructed courses that one can pick up on a mobile device. There are plenty of GRE mock questions to work on. Step by step solutions are accessible for each individual problem and a test prep performance tracking tool can be used to monitor your progress. The app’s usefulness can be further supplemented with the purchase of additional packages – such as the Complete Verbal Practice or Complete Math Practice.

The add on’s are costly, but they material makes for solid GRE practice. The app also features a mobile discussion forum, where you can ask questions directed to experts and/or other peers. A video tool is provided so that you can leave a personal note for yourself or answer another individuals discussion question. It’s a neat platform idea. Connecting with other students makes for a better learning experience.

With hundreds of positive iTunes reviews it safe to safe that Arcadia Prep did a nice job with their GRE prep app. It’s worth checking out – especially for the community features.

GRE Math Prep – Your Teacher

gre your teacher review created a complete GRE math test prep course for your iOS device.True to it’s name, the app simulates a personal teacher/tutor to help you on your path to mastering GRE math questions. Students who are looking for a more personable approach to learning the GRE math section won’t be disappointed here.

Available to you are over 130 GRE math lessons – each lesson featuring video examples, interactive practice, multiple choice tests, worksheets, and more. The whole presentation of the app information mimics an instructors typical class routine. The multiple video examples are similar to when a teacher begins class at the board – explaining question examples from the textbook. The interactive practice problems mirror how teachers assign practice questions and walk around the room providing help. And the challenge problems are akin to a teacher assigning higher level problems to see if students fully understand the material.

The app is complete in its coverage and the content is very well written and explained. Our only complaint is with the app’s design. As iOS has entered it’s 8th iteration, the app’s design language has kept pace. Hopefully a future update brings the design language to something more current. But that said, there’s a reason this is a top ranking GRE prep app- the actual material and education value is of high quality.