List of Free GRE Practice Tests

We already went over the most effective learning strategies in a previous post. But here’s the deal – practice tests are an integral part of the GRE study path. They allow you to set a starting benchmark and identify your specific strengths and weaknesses. Moreover, as you progress, practice tests allow you to measure your improvement.

Here are some free GRE practice resources worth checking out.

Quality Practice Tests

ETS PowerPrep GRE Practice Tests

The makers of the GRE offer the PowerPrep software which includes two free practice tests. The questions you’ll find have previously appeared on past official GRE tests, so you can expect the same time of questions as you’ll see on test day. We recommend not wasting this test, make it count – your final GRE score won’t differ much from what you score on the PowerPrep.

ManhattanPrep GRE Practice Test

The ManhattanPrep practice test is very good. We recommend using it as a diagnostic test to set a starting benchmark for yourself. Since Manhattan Prep questions are very similar to the one’s you can expect on the official GRE you will get a very comprehensive analysis of your performance and identify your strengths and weaknesses.

Kaplan GRE Practice Test

Kaplan practice tests are also well regarded and the question quality is solid. When we took the test, we found the questions to be slightly tougher than what you would expect to see on the real GRE – so if you score slightly less than normal don’t fret. You can choose from a self proctored test or an instructor proctored test at a local testing center for added benefit. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to go to a testing center for the free practice test so you can see the testing conditions to expect.

Princeton Review GRE Practice Test

The Princeton Review practice test is similar to Manahattan Prep’s test but we found the questions to lean on the easier side. Question quality is good, but you may see a higher overall score than after taking ETS or Kaplan test. What’s neat is that Princeton Review, like Kaplan, also allows you to choose from either an online practice test or an in person test at a local test center.Both are free and offer a detailed performance report at the end.

McGraw-Hill GRE Practice Test

Here’s another free practice test. McGraw-Hill only offers one full length test but take a look at some of the problem solving videos available. You’ll find explanations for each questions on the test so you can learn from your mistakes.

Extra Practice Tests

If you’ve completed the practice questions above and are still looking for more to practice with, you can work on the following set of tests. The question quality on these tests is weaker and less in line with what you’d see on the actual GRE exam, but they are a good source of extra practice. GRE Practice Test

Testden GRE Practice Test

My GRE Tutor Practice Tests

GRE Guide Practice Tests