List of Free LSAT Practice Tests

Practice is an important part of any standardized test prep. And it’s one of the key components of your LSAT test prep. Below are some full length practice tests you can take for free for extra practice. You can use them to monitor your progress, identify your weakness, and/or as an starting score benchmark.

The Official LSAT Prep Test

The LSAC offers one free practice test for free. It’s an official, actual disclosed LSAT administered in June 2007. You can’t get better than this for your practice. Don’t waste it!

Princeton Review’s LSAT Practice Test

Princeton Review offers a terrific free practice that you can either take online or at a local test center near you. After the test, you’ll be provided with a detailed performance report with personalized tips on how to improve. We highly recommend taking this one to identify your weak areas and get an idea of your current knowledge.

 Varsity Tutor’s Free LSAT Logic Games Practice Tests

It’s not a full length practice test, but Varsity Tutors’s offer many free LSAT logic games for you to work on. There’s some good material here and it’s highly recommended.

Official LSAT Sample PrepTest 1996

This is an old official prep test from LSAC but it’s still worth working through for extra practice.