List of Free NCLEX Review Material, Questions, and Resources

You’re getting ready to take the NCLEX and we’re here to help. There’s nothing like free online material to help you start studying. So we’ve compiled a list of some of the best resources to check out so that you can spend more time studying and less time searching for good study material. If you find that you need more, check out our list of the best NCLEX books.

Free Content Review

Before you can answer questions, you’ll need to know the material. Although we recommend picking up a solid NCLEX review book – here are some free online resources where you can re-learn some the material that’s tested on the NCLEX.

Rachel’s Study Guide

Created by a former nursing student this impressive study guide features catchy mneumonics and goes over a good deal of content. Worth checking out!

NCLEX Review from a NCLEX Review Instructor

This is an older blog page written by a nurse and formed University of Miami NCLEX Review Instructor. There’s some solid information to be found ranging from pharmacology to infectious diseases. 10 Essential Mnemonics

10 mnemonics that may help you out courtesy of Nurse Amy.

Free NCLEX Practice Questions

Practice makes perfect – and it’s the only way to test your NCLEX knowledge and properly prepare for the exam.

The Mighty Nurse

You can find three practice quizzes here adding to a total of 90 questions. What’s great is that rationale are included! And there’s a neat dosage calculations quiz with questions added every week. Check it out!

Lippincott’s NCLEX-RN 3500

This is an older link to a NCLEX-RN 3500 software hosted on Salt Lake Community College’s site. Ignore the browser error. This is a true gem and you can find access to thousands of questions, rationales, and even take a practice test all for free.

Lippincott’s NCLEX-PN 3000

This is essentially the same thing as the link above but for those looking for some NCLEX-PN material.


NurseLab offers hundreds of NCLEX test questions all for free. What’s cool is that they arranged the questions to be answered in three styles ;text mode, practice mode, or exam mode. Check it out!

Amy’s Blog

Amy was in nursing school herself and made a blog where she features over 1,000 NCLEX styled questions with rationales. This is a fantastic resources!

Quizlet’s Free NCLEX Questions

Quizlet is a use published platform where you and finds hundreds of not thousands of practice questions. It’s great practice but the only con is that answer rationales aren’t included.

Prentice Hall’s Medical-Surgical Nursing NCLEX Review Questions

Here’s another good site for extra review questions. Click on a chapter and on the left side bar you’ll see a “NCLEX review” link. Each chapter has it’s own review which is really helpful for targeted questions.

Lippincott’s NCLEX-RN 10,000 Question of the Day

Get a free question to your inbox everyday when you sign up. We recommend them as they’re from Lippincott’s – a leader in providing quality nursing education material.

Prentice Hall’s NCLEX Question of the Week

One free question every week. It’s not much but every questions helps! Rationale included in case you get the question wrong.

Free NCLEX Pharmacology Reviews

Nursing Education Consultants Pharmacology Mnemonics

This blog has numerous high quality mnemonics featured one after another. It’s a good resources to help memorization easier.