List of Free SAT Practice Tests

Practice is an important part of any standardized test prep. And the SAT is no different. Below are some full length practice tests you can take for free for extra practice.

Official CollegeBoard Practice Test 2014-2015

The official makers of the SAT, The College Board, offers one free full length test practice. You can choose to take the test online or print one out. What’s great is that after you take the exam, you can see how you performed on each questions type and category and read detailed answer explanations.

Official CollegeBoard Practice Test 2013-2014

Same as the above, this practice test is a PDF version for download.

Princeton Review’s Free SAT Practice Test

Princeton Review offers a terrific free practice that you can either take online or at a local test center near you. After the test, you’ll be provided with a detailed performance report with personalized tips on how to improve. We highly recommend taking this one towards the start of your SAT studying to identify your weak areas and get an idea of your current knowledge.

McGraw-Hill SAT Practice Test

Here’s another free full length practice test offered by McGraw-Hill. You’ll also find on their site problem solving videos that may help you out with specific question types.

Kaplan SAT Online Practice Test

Kaplan also offers a online SAT Practice Test but it’s a bit unconventional. You have to register online to sign up for a day that you’ll be able to take the online practice and review.

Official CollegeBoard Practice Test 2007-2008

An older test version, but still good for practice. Questions are from the CollegeBoard so they’re official and high quality. This is a PDF download. Exam starts on page 46 and answers begin on page 84.

Official CollegeBoard Practice Test 2004-2005

One more old practice test that’s worth looking at. This is a PDF download. The practice exam starts on page 45 and answers begin on page 83.