List of Free TOEFL Practice Tests

We all know that practice is one of the most important things you can do when studying for the TOEFL. When just starting out, practice tests offer you invaluable feedback on where your strengths and weaknesses lie. And later on, TOEFL practice tests serve as a check to your study progress – pinpointing what you’ve already mastered and what still requires additional work.

Here’s a list of free TOEFL practice tests to help you with your studying!

ETS Free Official TEOFL Test Questions

From the company that writes the TOEFL test, here’s a practice test that’s as good as the official. ETS gives you a chance to download free official TOEFL iBT sample questions that cover each section of the test. A PDF copy is available as well.

TestDEN Free TOEFL Practice Test

TestDEN’s online portal for the TOEFL features a free 30 minute TOEFL practice exam among other things. Registered users can put their TOEFL reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills to the test. As incentive, you even get a chance to win an iPod. TOEFL Exam also offers a free TOEFL practice exam. They offer three sections (Listening, Reading, and Structure). Each questions is accompanied by a short explanation. While these aren’t top tier questions, they’re free and worth the practice.

EnglishStuff TOEFL Practice Tests

English Stuff offers access to five different TOEFL practice tests including four structure tests and one reading test. Each test is timed and scored. And at the end of each section, you’re given a chance to review your answers.

Learn 4 Good TOEFL Exercises & Practice Tests

You’ll find 11 TOEFL exercises here, each with 25 questions, and 17 sentence practice sessions. Worth checking out!

iCourses TOEFL Sample Tests

iCourses has a few practice tests for you to try as well. You’ll find tests for the reading, writing, listening, and speaking sections here. Note that these aren’t as long as the actual TOEFL test, but there’s a realistic scoring system in place to help you gauge your level of standing. Online Practice Tests

You can find 15 TOEFL practice tests here with a good mix of reading comprehension, sentence correction, and sentence completion questions.