List of Free GMAT Practice Tests

We already went over the most effective learning strategies in a previous post. But the gist is simple; practice tests are an integral part of the GMAT study plan. They allow you to set a starting benchmark and identify your specific strengths and weaknesses. Moreover, as you progress, practice tests will serve as a “progress-check” for you.

Here are some free GMAT practice resources worth checking out.

Official GMATPrep Software

Offered by the makers of the GMAT, GMATPrep is a  free software that includes two full length practice tests with answers,  ninety free questions (30 Quantitative, 45 Verbal, and 15 Integrated Reasoning – with answers and explanations) and more. It’s the best predictor of your final GMAT Score and we recommend not wasting it.

Kaplan GMAT Practice Test

Kaplan’s GMAT Practice Test and Review offers two options: A self proctored GMAT practice test with video review, score analysis, answers, and explanations OR an instructor proctored, live online GMAT practice test with score analysis, explanations, and chat options. Both are computer adaptive(CAT) and completely free!

Princeton Review – Free GMAT Practice Test

Princeton Review provides a free practice test that can be taken in person at a test center or the option to take a free online GMAT practice test. After either test, users are given performance reports and tips. This is a great test for those just starting out or looking for a refresher.

Manhattan Prep Sample GMAT Test

Manhattan Prep provides a free, full length online GMAT practice test which is computer adaptive and comes with a detailed assessment report at the end. We found it to be a great tool for personal evaluation and helped identify your weak spots.

Veritas Prep GMAT Practice Test

Veritas offers a free online GMAT Practice Test that’s computer adaptive and include in depth solutions. They also offer a fantastic free GMAT question bank, which includes hundreds of realistic, free GMAT questions with detailed solutions.

The Economist GMAT Tutor: 5,000 Practice Questions

Although not completely free, this 7 day trial is the best way to obtain access to over 5,000 high quality practice questions. If you end up using the program, The Economist guarantees a 50+ point improvement on your score.

GMAT Pill Practice Test

A free test that mimics the look of the real GMAT. It’s a full 3 hours long and you can attempt it up to 5 times. You’re given a performance report at the end that not only visualizes your problem areas but shows how well you’re pacing yourself.

Platinum GMAT Practice Test

Platinum GMAT offers one free GMAT Practice Test for you to experience. It’s computer adaptive as well.