Six Easy Ways to Improve your Test Score on Testing Day

Five Easy Ways to Improve your Test Score

Here are six easy ways to improve your test score on testing day!


Avoid Careless Errors

Simple, right? Make sure you read every word in the question and answer choices. Don’t get stuck on a question or use your calculator on easy questions. Standardized tests are designed around time. If you had all day to complete them your score would soar!


Sit in the Front Row

Huh? Minimize your distractions and score better. It’s that easy. When you’re distracted, you’re not focused. And when you’re not focused you’re not giving your full 100% and you’re that much more likely to make an error or reduce your question answering efficiency.


Keep your own time during the test

We mentioned time is important right? Don’t rely on the proctors alone. Bring an old fashioned watch with you since you can’t use your phone or a watch that beeps. Keep track of how much time you have left to make sure you’re keeping pace.


Bring Snacks

If you can bring snacks, do it. For example, the SAT is about 4 hours long, but it’ll be a solid six hours from the time you have breakfast until you’ll be free for lunch. Use those testing breaks to keep fueled. We recommend apples, super dark chocolate, water, and some mints.


Bring Spare Pencils

Don’t be that person. The one who brings one pencil and has to ask others to “borrow” one. Be ready with extras on hand in case something goes wrong. Tip break….No Problem. Eraser’s worn out….No Problem. You lose a pencil under the table somewhere…No Problem!


Find Good Testing Centers

Make sure you are at a testing center that administers your test in classrooms – the smaller the better. We’ve seen some exams being hosted in gyms or cafeterias, which are noisy and distracting! As a side note, try not to take your test in the winter. The sniffles and coughs will really drive you off your game.


Best of Luck!