I’m Having Trouble Improving my GMAT Score

having trouble improving my GMAT score

You’re asking yourself, “why am I having trouble improving my GMAT score?” Maybe you’re having no luck getting a higher quantitative or verbal score. Or perhaps you are just adequate in both regards.

Well you should know that great GMAT scores depend on several factors – some of which we cannot fully control, and others that we should and must be able to control.

One of the biggest controllable factors is knowledge. You can acquire it and there are numerous resources out there that can help you learn it! It sounds incredibly simple, but it is not.

Most GMAT takers study and invest their time, effort, and money into achieving some target score. So why doesn’t everybody succeed? Isn’t studying enough?

Well, many of the people preparing for the GMAT do not learn from their mistakes. Any answer you get correct is great. But for a lot of people, the answers they get wrong are consistently wrong.

So figure out what you are getting wrong and learn to understand why you you have been making those mistakes and use your prep material to learn how to avoid them. Once you understand and are able to recognize patterns, your mistakes will decrease and your score will improve!

So take a look at any GMAT question you got wrong and ask yourself:

  • Can I recognize the tested concepts?
  • What could I have done differently?
  • Is there a recurring pattern in questions like this?
  • Why did I pick the wrong answer and eliminate the right answer?
  • Was my mistake due to being careless, a lack of knowledge, a lack of time, or……. ?
  • Will I know what to do next time I encounter a similar question?
  • Do I know which concepts are the correct ones to apply?

Asking questions like this helps you debrief your incorrect questions so that you can learn from them. Debriefing will at times take longer than the time it takes to answer the question but don’t disregard the value in properly analyzing a question.

Improve your knowledge and your scores will improve.