What is a Good SAT score?

You’ve taken the SAT and now you’re looking to see how you stack up. Fair enough.

The best way to answer the question, “What is a good SAT score?” is to look at SAT score percentiles. Scoring a 1500 is considered average. Half of test-takers score better than a 1500, and half score below this mark. Remember that an SAT score is not an absolute value. It’s a scaled score that indicates your performance in comparison to the other 2 million students who take this test yearly.

If we define a “good” SAT score as one that’s in the top 25% percentile of all test takers then a score above 1800 is good. If you’re really looking to stand out – a score within the top 10% of test takers is roughly above 1950.

Here are more SAT percentile ranks courtesy of CollegeBoard, the SAT creators.

Remember, the lowest you can score on the SAT is 600, and the highest you can score is 2400. In very general terms:

  • a score of 1650-1800 is adequate for many colleges and universities
  • a score of 1800-2100 is good and a strong match for top 30% of schools
  • a score of 2100+ is very high and a strong match for top tier schools